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degla sugar

A new culinary trend

We want people who care about their well-being and the world around them to be able to count on high-quality, healthy products that are full of nutrients and health benefits.

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100% Pure and Natural Liquid Salt

Liquid Salt is a pure, 100% natural thermal spring salt from a water table in Sidi Smaïl, Tunisia. Low in sodium, rich in minerals and trace elements, naturally iodized and entirely unprocessed, Liquid Salt is a simple, practical and tasty way to reduce your sodium intake!

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A Valuable Source of Energy

Made from 100% pitted, dried and finely ground dates, date sugar is one of the best alternatives to refined sugars and sweeteners. An easy and tasty way to boost a healthy diet!

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Unique and tasty products!

Our products are packed with nutrients and health benefits while effectively replacing salt and refined sugars.

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Our products are available in many supermarkets and natural food stores. Give them a try today!

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