Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that eating healthy, mostly raw, preservative-free products made with ingredients derived from nature helps to maintain our health heritage and, in some cases, reverse cell decline.


Our Story

Création Delicia is a budding family business based in Rosemère, Quebec. The three owners have many years of experience in food processing and sales. Originally from Tunisia, a Mediterranean country bursting with flavours and healthy foods, this entrepreneurial trio decided to share this culinary richness with their second country, Canada. They import a selection of ingredients and products to create their own original, unique and exclusive recipes.

Our conviction

Sustainable development is also part of our DNA. The date, our main product, is used in its entirety (fruit and pit) and comes from a region that is under the sustainable management of oasis ecosystems (improved irrigation systems and water savings of 45%) and a biological control program against date palm phytosanitary diseases. Also:
● Our liquid salt is bottled at the source, without processing
● Our packaging is biodegradable
● Our products are available for resale in bulk

Our mission

- To develop a range of high quality, natural, ethical, tasty and unique food products
- To make accessible the most consumed Mediterranean products in the world
- To respond to a demanding clientele, open to diversification and concerned about the environment and their well-being
- To offer alternatives to conventional breakfasts, salts and sugars.
- To offer raw, unprocessed food products in which each ingredient has reached maturity
- Offer personalized, top-quality service throughout the customer experience

Where can you find our products?

Our products are available in many supermarkets and natural food stores. Give them a try today!

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