Date syrup, the ally of cooking enthusiasts

Our date syrup will enchant you with its smooth texture, fruity taste and versatility!

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Ready-to-eat Mediterranean condiments!

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A healthier breakfast with the Bsissa!

At Creation Delicia, we reinvent your breakfast with the Bsissa!

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Thermal spring liquid salt

Thermal spring liquid salt to reduce our sodium intake, yes, it is now possible!

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Replace sugar by date sugar!

Here is a newcomer to the family of natural sugars: Degla date sugar!

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Here’s a newcomer in the family of natural sugars that is worth considering: Date Sugar Degla

Nowadays, many alternatives are proposed as a substitute for white sugar.

Date sugars figure among the best options to replace refined sugars. when you eat dates us dried and ground dates (date sugar) or when you add this sugar in a preparation, you use the entire fruit. Refined sugar contains virtually no micronutrients but only empty calories. Date sugar Gegla  provides a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that are vital to our health. If you make it a habit to replace sweets by date sugar, you will enhance the quality of your diet in a remarkable way. It is essential to learn how to recognize its nutritive qualities compared to refined sugars and processed sugar products.

Date Sugar is 100% pitted, dried and finely ground, so all nutritional benefits of the dates are preserved: natural fibers, tannins, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals. Unlike other sugars, date sugar is unprocessed and unrefined. In appearance and taste, date sugar is similar to brown sugar with a strong date taste. Particularly appreciated in beverages and pastries, its sweetening power is more important. The recommended replacement dose is 2/3 of date sugar against 1 dose of white sugar. Date sugar is less sweet than other sugars, with a glycemic index of 68.

The are many uses of date suga: it can be added in pastry recipes as well as in smoothies. It can garnish cottage cheese, yogurt or a fruit bowl.

How about you? Are you ready to adopt this natural sugar for your daily preparations?

Date syrup, the perfect ally for cooking and discovery enthusiasts!

Date syrup, the gourmet syrup 100% made of dates!

Date syrup, a tasty natural alternative to refined white sugar and other syrups.

Did you know that dates (in sugar or syrup) can replace refined sugar in your recipes?

In fact, date sugar is one of the most mineral-rich natural sugars, so why not try it?

Date syrup, a delicious substitute for maple syrup!

With its sweet taste, happy mix of grape and fig, date syrup is a delicious, light and very popular food for breakfast (to put on your pancakes, waffles, etc.) or to sweeten desserts. With its notes of caramel and its richness in minerals, the date syrup seduces the followers of a healthy and … gourmet. In English we call this syrup the honey of dates “Date molasses – Honey date”. This ”honey” comes from a 100% pure vegetable source, the date. One tablespoon of this liquid gives the same calorific value as about seven dates and adds a nice sweet touch to your recipes!

The benefits of date syrup in your life

Unlike white sugar, date syrup (made from date sugar … and therefore dates) contains only sucrose. The date syrup thus preserves all the nutritive properties and minerals associated with the fruit of the date in particular potassium, which intervenes in the muscular contraction, magnesium a recognized anti stress, iron which helps us to fight tiredness and calcium important for the osseous solidity.

Date syrup is considered an exceptional food because of the large number of minerals it contains: Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Sodium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Selenium in addition to natural sugar and many vitamins beneficial for the body: vitamin A, B1, B2 and C.

Less caloric than white sugar (about 300 cal. per 100 g against 400 cal.), it allows to lighten desserts, especially since we tend to use less in recipes because it is more fragrant!

Sirop de dattes Création Delicia

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How to use date syrup in everyday cooking

  • Date syrup gives a softness to desserts such as cakes or muffins.
  • It is very popular in recipes for soft bars or energy balls for their slightly sticky texture that helps “hold” the ingredients together.
  • Date syrup is perfect for serving on pancakes, waffles, pancakes, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, or can be used to sweeten hot milk for kids! Delicious in pastries and cakes and desserts. It is a delicious alternative to maple syrup or agave syrup!

Try it in your desserts!

As a substitute for white sugar in a cake batter, date syrup adds softness, color and flavor. In a savoury version, it adds flavour to marinades for duck or salmon, for example, and delicately flavours the dressing of an endive or lamb’s lettuce salad with nuts.

Sirop de dattes sur des gauffres

Pour on waffles or pancakes in the morning to replace maple syrup or honey!

Sirop de dattes et desserts

Discover our recipe ideas with date syrup and sugar date!

Is date syrup good for children? YES!

It’s a known fact that all children love sugar, so why not offer them a more natural sugar that contains minerals and contributes to their healthy development? Like all fruits, dates can be served as desserts and dishes to children aged at least one year. Logically, so can our date syrup, considering that it is made of 100% dates and water! As a natural sweetener, it can even be beneficial to the child because of its richness in nutrients and its good calories. The addition of date syrup to warm milk is very appreciated by children!

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