Harissa Berbère sur craquelin

Ready-to-eat Mediterranean condiments!

Travel with our gourmet products inspired by the best Tunisian recipes!

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bsissa et pomme grenade

A healthier breakfast with the Bsissa!

At Creation Delicia, we reinvent your breakfast with the Bsissa!

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Thermal spring liquid salt

Thermal spring liquid salt to reduce our sodium intake, yes, it is now possible!

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Replace sugar by date sugar!

Here is a newcomer to the family of natural sugars: Degla date sugar!

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Here’s a newcomer in the family of natural sugars that is worth considering: Date Sugar Degla

figues et sucre de datte

Nowadays, many alternatives are proposed as a substitute for white sugar.

Date sugars figure among the best options to replace refined sugars. when you eat dates us dried and ground dates (date sugar) or when you add this sugar in a preparation, you use the entire fruit. Refined sugar contains virtually no micronutrients but only empty calories. Date sugar Gegla  provides a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that are vital to our health. If you make it a habit to replace sweets by date sugar, you will enhance the quality of your diet in a remarkable way. It is essential to learn how to recognize its nutritive qualities compared to refined sugars and processed sugar products.

Date Sugar is 100% pitted, dried and finely ground, so all nutritional benefits of the dates are preserved: natural fibers, tannins, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals. Unlike other sugars, date sugar is unprocessed and unrefined. In appearance and taste, date sugar is similar to brown sugar with a strong date taste. Particularly appreciated in beverages and pastries, its sweetening power is more important. The recommended replacement dose is 2/3 of date sugar against 1 dose of white sugar. Date sugar is less sweet than other sugars, with a glycemic index of 68.

The are many uses of date suga: it can be added in pastry recipes as well as in smoothies. It can garnish cottage cheese, yogurt or a fruit bowl.

How about you? Are you ready to adopt this natural sugar for your daily preparations?

Explore the delicious flavors of Mediterranean cuisine with our ready-to-eat condiments!

Harissa Béerbère et craquelins

Delicious ready-to-eat products inspired by the most popular recipes of the Mediterranean. Discover our four condiments and spreads inspired by Tunisia!
Simple to use, they will enhance all your dishes and will quickly become allies in your daily cooking! To use them, simply heat them up or add them to your recipes and you’re done!

Travel with our gourmet products inspired by the best Mediterranean recipes!

Berber Harissa

Put sunshine and a lot of healthy food on your plate with Harissa Berber, this classic of Tunisian cuisine that will bring an authentic flavor to all your dishes will enhance your sauces, sunny your appetizers, pizzas, pastas, salads, sandwiches, omelets and even your brunches!

The harissa (a puree of red pepper) is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the emblem of Tunisian gastronomy. This original Mediterranean recipe will bring you the true taste of the Tunisian sun in every bite. It is the perfect accompaniment to your rusks, bread, sandwiches or to use to add flavor to your pizzas, pastas, soups and tajines!

Berber Harissa

Carrotade Spread

From its real name, Ommik Houria, this spread made of fresh carrots, peeled, diced and blended for a rich and creamy texture seasoned with spices, is a must in Tunisian cuisine. Whether you use it to spread on hot breads, garnish appetizers, sandwiches (or even meats), add it to salads, or simply add a little spice to any meal!

Use as a spread on toast or as an appetizer with tuna, hard-boiled eggs, sandwiches, olives and salads.

Carrotade Spread

Tunisian Spicy Ratatouille

Also called Chakchouka in Tunisia (the word is of Berber origin and means “mixture”), ratatouille is a traditional culinary specialty of North African, Nice, Provencal and Mediterranean cuisines. Made from a stew of Mediterranean vegetables and olive oil, ratatouille is perfect as a main dish or side dish. It is as tasty at breakfast as it is at lunch with a salad.

As a spicy vegetable stew, it can be eaten with warm crusty bread or on pasta or in a soufflé. In a salad, in a marinade, in a tagine, with a shrimp stir-fry, with grilled fish or meat, this condiment will be an ally for your multiple recipes!

Tunisian Spicy Ratatouille

Candied Lemons

Candied lemons offer a unique and inexpressible taste that will delight your palate. A traditional food found in many Mediterranean recipes, preserved lemons will quickly become an essential ingredient in your favorite dishes.

Use it to replace fresh lemon in fish, meat, tagine and salad and enjoy its concentrated and intensely delicious flavor.

Candied Lemon

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