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At Création Delicia, we reinvent breakfast.

The Bsissa, a product of the Tunisian soil, an art of nourishment, a therapy, a whole culinary heritage.

The artisanal recipe of the Bsissa has been transmitted from generation to generation so that we can enjoy its nutritional richness today. It is usually eaten for breakfast with a few dates, which makes this combination a very energetic, delicious and supportive dish. But is it good for your health? Is it fattening? What is it made of?

Bsissa is made from roasted cereal flour, seasoned with marjoram, coriander, aniseed and fennel and is prepared with olive oil. The presence of legume flour (chickpeas, flax, lentils) with the high fiber content of bran 14% of its ingredients, facilitate intestinal regulation. Bsissa is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is suitable for diabetics (rich in slow sugar) and it is an excellent appetite suppressant.

Heart of dates : A coffee substitute, caffeine free, a very old drink full of nutritional virtues.

Dates in all their forms, in whole fruit, in powder for your smoothies and pastries, in puree for your recipes… Accompany your breakfasts to give energy and support intestinal health and more…

Chocodatte; the classic reinvented! The first date-sweetened hot chocolate. A comfort and a delight. The best combination, cocoa and date.

We continue to develop for you products made from ingredients derived from nature, unprocessed, that the body recognizes, but above all, succulent.



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